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Working Principles And Maintenance Of PVC Pulverizer

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In the plastic industry, PVC pulverizer is a key machine that is very important in plastic reprocessing. It processes different materials into tiny granules for different applications.


Besides, the materials are recycled into heat-sensitive plastic-like PVC. As a cost-effective and well-designed machine, it has high yield characteristics and fine granularity of materials.


Before we dive into the working principles and maintenance procedure that will sustain it, ensure to purchase your PVC pulverizer from a reliable and renowned manufacturer. This is the first step to enjoy your investment.


Read on as we take you through the basic working principles and maintenance procedures that will keep your machine durable, effective, and efficient.


Working Principles

· After the separation of the plastic material, there is a mechanical process that runs the material through the pulverizer.  

· The materials are centrally fed between a rotating pulverizing disc that has a centrifugal effect and a fixed disc. The centrifugal effect carries the material to the processing stage.

· At the pulverizer, the materials are crushed into fine granules that will be recycled into heat-sensitive plastic.

· Some pulverizers have automatic temperature control that regulates the heat in the output unit.

 PVC pulverizer

Maintenance of the Machine

Every machine requires maintenance. The cost of maintenance in some machines is high. Fortunately, PVC pulverizer is a cost-effective machine that does not require too many costs for its maintenance.


Interestingly, proper adherence to the basic maintenance rule of this effective machine is enough to sustain the longevity of the machine. It will continue to grind various PVC materials into the needed form seamlessly.


Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance is essential as it gives us first-hand information on the condition of the machine. These are the routine activities that should be done before the operation of the machine. Some of them are:

· Ensure to clean the outer surfaces of the pulverizing machine.

· Kindly lubricate all the essential parts that need lubrication.

· Before use, tighten all the threaded fittings properly to ensure no damage during operation.

· Inspect the regulator and other essential units to confirm proper functioning before use.

· Give closer attention to the sound of the machine when starting to ensure that any strange sound is detected early before it damages the machine.

· Sweep the environment and keep it tidy after work.


Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is done within a specific period. There is a checklist that will guide you through the process. This is where close attention is given to the inspection of the parts to check any change in the parts that may lead to malfunctioning of the machine.



The following advantages make this machine an essential tool in the plastic industry.

v It has a wide range of applications and can grind PS, PE, PVC, PC, and other plastics.

v  It is environment friendly, cost-effective, and high yield.

v Easy to install and maintain.


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