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A Happy Christmas Celebration To All Our Employees And Esteemed Clients

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Christmas party is always a thing of joy among contemporary. This year own will not be an exception. Already eyes brows have been raised to host a COVID-friendly yuletide party due to COVID-19 regulations to curb the spread.


The Christmas season is a time for reputable organizations and companies to celebrate their employee and esteems clients for a rewarding year. It is also a time for companies to create more awareness about their products and reward dedicated staff.

 Merry Christmas

At Zhangjiagang Huibang Machine Co., Ltd, we will not be left out of the celebration. Our tradition is sharing in the season's joy by inviting our employees and honor their contributions for the year.


Customarily, we love allowing our employees to make their choice on our different sponsored packages. It is our utmost joy to see our employees and their family be fully engage in the celebration. Nevertheless, this year's Christmas and end of the year party takes a different shape due to the ongoing novel pandemic brouhaha experienced in all parts of the world.


Our welfare team came up with an approach for us to celebrate our employees and their families as well as our esteemed customers. Our generosity is shown in the spirit of the season by distributing boxes of bath salts and cuddly or woolly.


It might interest you to know that bath salt is an essential item of wellness products. Our welfare team believed that will help our employees convert their house into a festal spa.


Apart from the pack of bath salt distributed, a cuddly pack containing sweaters, blankets, socks, and gloves was added to aid in protecting their family with a good time at home, as they celebrate Christmas at this trying moment. Also, beverages were added to wrap it up.


As part of our tradition as a reliable crusher blade manufacturer, our kind gesture was an act to thank you for all the staff's untiring commitment and effort for the year under review.


The company gesture was also directed towards motivating all staff members to continue their hard work and dedication to sustain the company as a leading crusher blade supplier. The company's esteemed clients were not left out in an effort to share the joy of the season, as badges of gifts, seasonal greeting cards, and bonuses were shared with our loyal customers.


Responding on behalf of the employees, the human resource manager expresses an appreciation for the act of love and benevolence of the management team that they enjoyed despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, assuring the company of their loyalty to see the company actualize her vision.


Interestingly, encomiums were received from some of our devoted clients thanking the company for not forgetting them as they celebrate their successes and most importantly, for the bonuses. And also pledge continuous patronage in the coming years.


Honestly, it was a memorable and exciting moment. All and sundry were happy as they retired for Christmas celebration with loads of welfare parcels.


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