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Qualities Of An Excellent Waste Shredder Machine

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Waste shredder machines (simply waste shredders or waste shredding machines) are machines used for reducing the volume of bulky waste which may include tires, bumpers, paper materials and paper.


They can also be used to shredding harder materials including refrigerators, metal scrap, copper, aluminium, plastic as well as industrial waste and municipal solid waste. Their use is very essential for landfills, eco-centres, wrecking and all other fields that work in the recycling or waste management field. 


They can be specific to special materials i.e. there are shredders for paper alone, shredders for tires, shredders for electric cables, shredders for wood, shredders for plastic and so on. A waste shredder manufactured by a professional manufacturing company will be sturdy, and great in its efficiency and performance.


This is why it is necessary to only purchase one from the most reliable manufacturer. 


Here are some other qualities a good waste shredder should have

· They must be able to treat almost any type of solid waste, as they should come in the full model range, just so they can be useful for different production requirements

· They should consume low energy/fuel, allowing a low number of turns, yet reaching a high torque.

· To save spare parts considerably and guarantee long working cycles, special steel should be used for the blades. Special steel will allow for optimal utilization of sorting facilities. 

· Each processing stage using the machine should be able to obtain homogenous products that can be transported and taken through further processing 

· It should be designed for intensive use and must be with special high-quality parts and components like the specially designated steel blades.

· They should come with cooling systems and inverters which make their life cycle long

· They must be easy to maintain 

· They should easily grind bundled materials that are great in volume and thickness like pictures of paper reels, telephone books, strapped logs of newspaper and so on.

· Good quality shredders can also come with dust suppression and soundproofing system on request, to meet international laws/standards

· Configuration of shredder may also vary in motor power dimensioned in accordance with what is to be shredded, the extent of cutting edges, dimensions, weights and type.

 waste shredding machine

Your solution to the perfect waste shredding machine


We are world leaders in the production, planning and assembly of waste management and recycle machinery. With a focus on research and development, we have been in the business for over 13 years, constantly growing past the limits and employing some of the best professionals in the field. 


We serve more than 1,500 customers from various industries and all our products are widely acclaimed. We understand that the efficiency of all our products depends on the level of our dexterity combined with the quality of the component production parts.


This is why we produce only the best for our customers; we only aim to manufacture the best quality size reduction equipment and machinery.  Contact us today to purchase a waste shredder machine for your company. A step you would not regret. 


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