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Selection of equipment model.

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Design and manufacture products according to customer's requirements.

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HUIBANG can arrange technicians to the customer’s factory to plan the site and design process.

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As a provider of the size reduction equipment, we can not only provide customers with the grinding equipment test service from single unit to complete system, but also get the actual data through relevant instruments, so as to have a clearer understanding of grinding effect (such as fineness, output, sieving rate, etc.). Based on the actual data obtained, the experienced HUIBANG engineers will adjust the equipment configuration according to the material characteristics, and provide you with scientific and reasonable equipment solutions.

Testing Area
Testing Area
Testing Area
Test sample showroom


Expect the waring parts

Installation and commissioning

HUIBANG machinery has the first-rate technology , fast-resposed after-sales teams and fast response to those powder maker.Including installation, commissioning ,maintainance and the in-line troubleshooting.

Operator training

It is essential for the users to have sound, broad-based technical knowledge and skills. We will organize training for your staffs, provide  comprehensive expertise in theory and practice, give tips and advice. Participants (machine operators and maintenance staff) are shown how systems can be optimally operated and maintained with regard to:

  • Product quality

  • Service life

  • Cost-effectiveness

Original spare parts service for ongoing maintenance

HUIBANG MACHINERY - Original Spare Parts

After a certain period in operation, even our high-quality machines can be subject to wear and tear of heavily stressed components. These can be replaced quickly, because we keep sufficient quantities of key parts in stock at our warehouses.With this service, we make it possible for your business to continue running without major delays if trouble occurs.

Turbo Type Pulverizer Rotary Knife

Shredder  knife

Main shaft


Crusher kinfe


Turbo Type Pulverizer Static Knife

The advantages of an original spare parts service for the plastics processing industries:


Permanent reduction in your maintenance costs thanks to the high quality of HUIBANG original spare parts.


Improved productivity as a result of maximum machine availability.


Safeguarding of your plant investment owing to the longer service life of your machinery.


Guaranteed, certified quality

Sharpening service for segments knife of pulverizer machine

Sharpening of knives is the key process in terms of size reduction technology. The grinding effect is heavily dependent on precision sharpening.

The sharpening serviced we offer guarantees the same optimum tooth profile as on the original knife. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced, as the longer service life of the blade minimizes downtimes for adjustments.

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