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Special Machines

—The best solution to meet customer recycling needs

In the field of plastic recycling, the physical characteristics, size, and shape of the input materials may be very different. The final product the customer needs may be chips, granules, or powder. Huibang offers a wide range of shredders, crushers, and pulverizers.

Through the correct combination form, the final product can be obtained efficiently and economically.

Huibang offers the following types of machine combinations to meet customers' recycling needs

Special Machines--- Product overview

Shredder/Granulator combination

Shredder/Granulator combination

For large pieces of plastic solid waste, through the perfect combination of shredder and crusher, material size can be reduced. Combined with our auxiliary equipment such as belt conveyor, separator and air delivery system, we can achieve two or three stage automated recycling system to obtain valuable products from almost any initial feed.

Granulator / Pulverizer Combination

Granulator / Pulverizer Combination

This series is mainly used for the recycling of pipes and profiles. Through the combined use of crusher and pulverizer. Three-stage recycling system has been formed. In the production process, it not only reduces dust pollution but also saves space.


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