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The Various Categories Of High-Quality Shredding Machine

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Plastic shredding is a process by which plastic scraps or plastic components are turned into materials which can be further used in various manufacturing processes.


No matter the original plastic commodity, shredding helps to configure them into reusable components via the process of recycling.


Examples of such materials are plastic containers, pet bottles, vinyl, and a host of others.  


Machines used for plastic shredding vary according to their mechanical shredding process.


This article will discuss categories of plastic shredding machines, which will guide you into making the perfect choice of which to buy, according to the purpose that you need it for.


However, it is also equally important to advise that you only purchase a high-quality shredding machine.


This can be gotten from a reputable and reliable single shaft shredder manufacturer, that will guarantee you of buying the best quality products.

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The categories of shredding

There are quite a number of shredding categories for different purposes.


These categories as earlier mentioned, are differentiated by mechanical processes which are Hammering, grinding, granulating, chipping.


In addition, there are other types of shredding machinery.

1. Hammer mills

This process is carried out using hammer mills. Hammer mills are used to pulverise or shatter commodities.


They typically have chambers including rotary drums and rotating hammers of strong chains.


Chambers are powered by gravity-fed and the output screens control the sizes of the particles produced.  


The sort of material that the hammer mills can process, is determined by the configuration, the rotation speed and way the hammer material is distributed.

2. Grinders 

 These are attached with compression and pulverize materials by abrasion.  They grind components into granular form.


Commodities such as plates, drums and wheels are most suited for this category.


Also, the speed at which the machine functions is determined by the types of materials it is designed for.


3. Granulators

The Granulators are most suitable for recycling plastic. Knives are important to this process to get finely granulated particles.


There is also the thermoforming unit which produces scraps easy to handle.  


Granulators come in different sizes and employ different mechanisms based on the industry where they are used.

4. Chippers 

Chippers possess high-speed rotary knives. The knives help to reduce materials to chips or flakes. Also, choppers can either be manually or automatically.


The machines also come as multiple or single-stage machines. They also use multiple or single drums or wheels with one or more knives.

Other types of plastic shredding machinery include:

1. Shear Shredders

They employ guillotine-style knives and rotary cutter to cut materials.  


Shears are found in different configurations according to industrial requirements.


2. Speciality shredders

This type is designed for a specific material type and may involve the combination of other processes.


Shafts of these shredders rotate at low speed at very high torque.

3. All-purpose shredders

This type is also used for demolition operations and recycling programs.


The machinery of all-purpose shredders consists of very low sped, large and high torque shafts.


This type of shredders can reduce oversized equipment to tiny or smaller pieces in just a single pass.



Shredders come in different categories and your choice should be based on your purpose for the shredder.


These points above will guide you into making the best choice. However, getting a high-quality shredding machine is largely dependent upon the manufacturer.


Therefore, you need to purchase your shredder from a reputable and reliable manufacturer. 


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