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Application Of Pulverize Grinding Machine

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Pulverize grinding machine is used for grinding any type of materials mechanically. A pulverize puritch is usually used in pulverizing of coal for combustion either in the power plant or steam generating furnace that is an example of how a pulverizer works.

Types of pulverizer

Pulverizers are classified based on the speed when they are been used, it listed below;

· High speed

· Medium speed

· Low speed

pulverizer grinding machin

Low speed

Low speed pulverizer includes the ball and tube mills based on their shape. The ball and tube mills have different features and functions which are highlighted below;

The ball mill

·  It comprises of horizontal rotating cylinder up to three diameters in length

· It contains a charge tumble or a cascading steels, pebbles or rods

The tube mill

· It a revolving cylinder up to five meter long, which is used in the pulverization of ore, rocks and other types of materials.

· The materials used is always mixed with water passed into the chamber from one end and it comes out from the other end as a slurry

Both types the mills always have liners that prevent the cylinder structure from wearing out, thus the actual wear part of these mills is ball structure and liners which are always destroyed by the wearing process and must be maintained , moreover the liner must be check regularly incase needed for replace.

These types of mills are low-speed pulverizer grinding machine that grinds coal with steel balls in a cylinder that is horizontally rotated. They are both terms are ball tube mills due to its shape and the ball grinding structures.

Medium speed

Medium speed pulverisers include ring and ball mill, bowl mill, and vertical spindle roller mill. They have different features and functions which are highlighted below;

The Ring and ball mill

· These comprises of two types of rings that are separated through channels of large balls like a thrust bearing.

· The lower ring start rotating when the materials is inserted while the upper ring presses down the materials with a set of spring or assemble of rams.

· Based on the design of the pulverizer the materials can be insert on the side or at the center, where as the size of the pulverize materials passed down to the grinding section of the mill is based on the classifier separator.

The Vertical spindle roller and the bowl mill

· Uses large tires to crush the materials similar to bowl mill

· The vertical roller mill is classified as an applied force mill which three grinding wheel is assembled in the grinding mill section.

· They are two types of classifiers that can be selected for vertical roller which are static and dynamic classifiers

· The bowl mills have different types which are the deep bowl and shallow bowl mill.

pulverizer grinding machin

High speed

It comprises of hammer mill, attrition mill and the beater wheel mill, these type of mills have sophisticated built-in tools for mechanical grinding.

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