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When And Why You Should Consider Using Particle Size Reduction Techniques?

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Over three decades now, particle size reduction techniques have graduated from a tentative method into an advanced profitable drug delivery dais. Many researchers and drug delivery industries play a major role in the advancement of producing drug nanoparticles.


This technique is crucial, and investors are finding out if the application of particle size reduction techniques can support the improvement of oral bioavailability of the medicine.


Particle size reduction increases the rate of a chemical reaction during formulation. It enables the individual ingredients of the drug formulation to blend and mix well without stress. However, buying particle size reduction equipment from reputable suppliers and manufacturers will guarantee optimal performance and quality production.


This article will focus on the why and when you should use particle size reduction techniques in drug delivery.


When should you consider using particle size reduction techniques?

Reacting to the question, when should you consider using the particle size reduction method? The answer is simple and straightforward, the earlier the healthier.


However, particle size is recommended throughout the whole formulation development procedure. That is from the beginning of pharmacokinetic studies.

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Why should you consider using particle size reduction techniques?

1. It Increases Oral Bioavailability

Now to react to the main question, if the oral bioavailability of the component is affected either by its low outright solubility in the digestive tract or by its low suspension rate.


Different approaches have been adopted to investigate the efficacy of particle size reduction. One of them was to formulate a screening study in a predictive animal model, where a plasma concentration to be collected after drug administration of at least 3 different.


The result exhibits that oral bioavailability increases with decreasing particle reduction. The formulation progress is quite straightforward and entails only microscale equipment. In such cases, the least batch sizes for this equipment starting just a small number of a millimeter.


However, the high gravity homogenizations tool is available for micro-scale. The idea is to practice in both cases tools and procedures, which can be in the future topped to the bulky batch size required for the manufacture of clinical trial supplies without altering the reduction principle.


2. It increases the Solubility level

Particle size reduction equipment is utilized when some part of the drug's ingredients are not dissolving well. That still has the particle due to large particle size. This dissolution rate can affect the bioavailability of the drug substances.


It could be quantified that in event of suspension rate restricted composites, particle size reduction techniques can be very useful to upturn the oral bioavailability. In some circumstances, the bad aqueous solubility of medicine particles does not unavoidably result in low bioavailability.

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3. It eliminates agglomeration

Apart from the tools and procedure options, the choice of the precise stabilization standard is a crucial success factor. The stabilization standard of the drug substance is a function of particle size reduction equipment employed. This will on the other hand eliminates agglomeration or accumulation at the reaction sites.


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