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Frequently Asked Questions About Particle Size Reduction Equipment

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A peep into the marketplace will leave you with endless array of various types of particle size reduction equipment. But one unique thing about all these machines is the fact that each one serve a different purpose from the other. For this reason, it will be safe to say that my each type of particule size reduction equipment has its one peculiar method of reduction.


However, when  choosing a particle size reduction machine, choosing the one that will be able to add sufficient amount efficiently in order to handle the work at hand.


In recent time, there comes different types of particle size reduction equipment used in making little pieces of materials from large ones. Some types of this equipment include; secondary crusher, primary crusher and even milling machines, which include hammer mills, cage mills, grinders and pulverizers.

 particle size reduction machine

In the same vein, the various types of materials processed using particle size reduction equipment are also categorized into different groups thus;

1. Abrasive

2. Non-abrasive

3. Wet or dry

4. Sticky and friable

So, with this in mind, you will be able to make the right choice of a particle size reduction equipment that will suit the type of material you want to crush.


More so, investing your money with a reliable and highly experienced manufacturer of particle size reduction equipment is the best way to ensure that you are spending your hard earned money wisely.


With that being said, let’s take a quick look at some of the most commonly or frequently asked question by buyers and users about particle size reduction equipment.


Particle Size Reduction Equipment Frequently Asked Question

What are the things I should consider when I am designing a size reduction facility?

When considering the design of a particle size reduction, some of the key factors to put into consideration include, but not limited to the following:

What's the raw material's moisture content range?

What raw material will be crushed?

What production rate should the size reduction equipment achieve (in tons per hour, pounds per hour, or kilograms/hour)?

What's the raw material's particle size range?

What particle size range must the final product have?

What kind of particle size reduction equipment is best for frequent material changeover?

If you are working with a process that needs a frequent changeover of the materials to be reduced, purchasing a particle size reduction equipment that has a wide range of operating flexibility and process control is the best way to go.

 particle size reduction machine

With this, it wont be a problem whether or not the materials to be reduced are wet, moist, or even friable.  Also of very important consideration is the final and starting size of the material to be milled.


When you also factor the size of the raw material as well as the end product, you will have a better insight into the type of particle size reduction equipment to purchase.


Partner with us for the best particle size reduction equipment

For the past two decades, we have remained a trusted and dependable manufacturer of various types of particle size reduction equipment for all our client both locally and internationally. So, in case you have a need for the best machine in the industry, kindly click here to contact us for the best deal. 


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