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An Overview Of Crusher Blades

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A crusher blade is one of the most important components in the crushing of nylon, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), waste plastic, and other plastic materials.


Besides, the crusher blade is a material made of alloy steel that withstands high temperature, has high durability, and is suitable to crush sheet, plastic film, and bottle flakes.


Purchasing a quality crusher blade from a reliable and reputable manufacturer is a sure way to enjoy your investment. It will make the machine work effectively with optimum productivity.

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Read on to know important things about crusher blades, so that you can make the right choice of investment on crusher blades.


Major Components Of Crusher Blade

The major components of the crusher blade are:

· Rotating blade

· Motor

· Cutting chamber

· Sound insulating material

· Hopper

· Knife-type design


Classification of Crusher Blade

Crusher blade is classified into three (3) major groups. This makes crusher blades suitable for crushing different kinds of plastic materials efficiently.


1. The Claw knife crusher blade

The claw knife crusher blade is mostly used for crushing hard materials. It is suitable for rigid plastics, thick materials, and hard blocks. It is easy to operate and change.


The claw knife crusher blade is designed with an electric control system, hopper with material that insulates sound, and durable material. The crusher blade easily crushes and reuse different kinds of plastic materials.


2. The Blade Cutter Crusher

The blade cutter crusher is suitable for crushing simple pipe, packaging material, sheet, plate, profile, and other moderate plastic materials. This crusher blade is ideal for crushing common materials.


3. The Flat Blade Crusher

The flat blade crusher is suitable for thin and soft materials such as thin pipe and molding parts.


It is very easy to operate and change the blade. The flat knife improves the efficiency of the crushing of thin materials.


The blade crusher is well-designed with electric control, hopper with double layer, and soundproof material.


There is good environmental protection and designed with less energy consumption devices.


Operational Principle Crusher Blade

When the motor drives the rotating blade cutter head at high speed, it forms relative movement with the fixed blade.


The gap between the fixed blades and the rotating enables the cutting and grinding of the plastic.


This makes it possible for the crusher blade to crush a large dimension of plastic easily.


Maintenance of Crusher Blades

The following tips help you to maintain the crusher blades properly.

· Lubricate the bearing regularly to ensure the proper functioning of the bearing.


· Install the machine in a well-ventilated place to ensure easy dissipation of heat during work.


· Inspect the screw and the cutting tool frequently to reinforce the blades appropriately.


· Regularly clean the machine to remove all the crushed materials before crushing another batch.


· Repair the necessary worn-out parts as fast as possible.


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