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Crusher Blades Crusher Blades

In the process of crushing materials, there will be a certain loss of the blade. Regular replacement of the blade will ensure production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Huibang provides customers with crusher blades of different materials and sizes. We also provide customized blade service for customers, please contact us.

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According to the crushing of different plastics, we will recommend the blades of corresponding materials to achieve the plastic effect of crushing, and the blades will be more durable. 

  • Precision processing equiment, professional cutting technology, make products beautiful and durable. 

  • Made of imported steel by forging 

Please provide us with detailed length, width, thickness of blade which you need. 

Material, quality, application field of blade.

Crusher Blades

You can make a sketch or a drawing, after checking the above information, we will quote the price to you immediately. 

Crusher Blades

Crusher Blades


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