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What is the Difference Between Granulator and Crusher

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There has been a widespread discussion over the different types of machines used for the waste treatment process. We all have heard of terms like granulation, crushing, shredding, compressing and baling. However, ever have we wondered what could be the difference among all these? Though they might seem to perform a similar task of waste treatment in some form or the other, yet they have significant differences in their machinery, size, functions, processing and the yielding results. For now, let us discuss what is the difference between granulator and crusher.



Granulator is an industrial machinery, which is used to compress or turn a larger component into a substantially fine grain or minute particles. The use of a granulator is high in the industrial applications, as many industries need to decompose their bulk waste products into finer particles or components, which could be decomposed easily. In comparison to the crusher, the granulators are capable of reducing the size of the waste materials to a significant portion. Thereby, there are in demand in the heavy industries. It is also used by the agricultural and domestic industry wherein the waste materials like paddy waste, plastic bottles, metallic cans, and various other non-degradable products can be reduced to minute forms. These granulated particles can then be reused or simply decomposed to a safer place.



When a crusher is considered, it can be used to crush or compress the form or size of harder materials even like rocks to comparatively smaller-size residual or reduced products. The granulators in comparison to the crushers are applied on the brittle or less stiff materials. The crushers thus make use of greater force as it is employed for breaking down the hard rock formations to smaller pieces. These crushed substances are then recycled and used for various other purposes like in industries and agriculture.


What is the difference between granulator and crusher?

The size of the granulators and crushers also differ significantly. With crushing major process, it is employed with bigger and sharper blades. Whereas, the granulators have less sharp and smaller blades in accordance with the size and type of the waste materials. Moreover, since crusher employs the involvement of the reduction of the harder materials, they take a considerable amount of time and energy for doing so. In addition, the power consumption of the crusher is greater in comparison to the granulators, which are used to reduce the size and form of less hard substances. Hence, granulators save more power and thus, put less pressure on the Earth's natural resources. In addition, they also offer cost-effectiveness in comparison to the crushers, which are used by the heavy industries for breaking down thesubstances.

Whatever be the what is the difference between granulator and crusher, they play equally significant roles towards waste minimization and towards contributing to the Earth's betterment. They reduce the pollution levels and also put less burden on the Earth's natural resources.


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