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Pulse Dust Collector Pulse Dust Collector

The pulse dust collector is mainly used to collect the dust generated in the working process of the mill, which has the characteristics of high dust removal rate and large processing capacity and can completely eliminate the dust pollution in the workshop. According to the size of the pulverizer model, we will select the appropriate pulse dust collector for you.

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The dust collector is mainly composed of an upper box body, a middle box body, an ash hopper, an air inlet equalizing pipe, a support filter bag, an injection device, and an ash discharge device. Dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper of each sub-chamber from the air inlet equalizing pipe of the dust collector, and under the guidance of the ash hopper guide device, large particles of dust are separated and directly fall into the ash hopper, while the finer dust enters evenly The middle box is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas penetrates the filter bag into the upper box, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the off-line valves and exhaust pipes. With the progress of the filtering conditions, the dust on the filter bag accumulates more and more. When the equipment resistance reaches a limited resistance value,  the dust cleaning control device sets the differential pressure or the dust cleaning time. After the set value is automatically closed, the off-line valve of the first room is opened, and the electronically controlled pulse valve is opened according to the set procedure to stop the air blowing. The compressed air is instantly blown to increase the pressure in the filter bag, and the dust on the filter bag is shaken off. (Even if sticky fine dust can be removed more thoroughly) into the hopper, it is discharged by the ash discharge mechanism.

Working principle 

Dust-containing gas enters the filter chamber through the pipeline, coarser particles fall directly into the bottom of the hopper. Fine dust particles enter the middle and lower of filter chamber  with the airflow turning upward, and dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag. The filtered gas enters the upper box, which is exhausted to the air by the fan. When the dust on the surface of the filter bag continues to increase, the pulse controller starts to work, and the pulse valve is opened one by one, so that the compressed air is blown through the nozzle to clean the filter bag, which makes the filter bag suddenly expand. The dust on the surface quickly leaves the filter bag and falls into the hopper, open the discharge valve, dust are collected. 

Pulse Dust Collector

Pulse Dust Collector


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