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No matter whether it is a crusher or a pulverizer, the processed materials must not contain metallic impurities. The metal separator provided by Huibang can separate the magnetic or non-magnetic metals contained in the raw materials, such as iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., to ensure that the materials are not contaminated by metals.

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Metal separators use electronic sensing principle to detect metals, both magnetic and non-magnetic metal can be detected to a high-precision metal detection and separation equipment, metal, including iron (magnetic) and non-iron (non-magnetic: copper, aluminum, tin , Stainless steel, etc.), due to the old material in the process of recycling and recycling of metal impurities will be mixed in which metal impurities may cause damage to equipment, affecting production. It is necessary to exclude these potential metal particles as much as possible! The simplest way is to use an all-metal separator that automatically detects and separates particles, linear metal impurities - as long as metal can be detected and removed, whether stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, steel, or iron

Metal separator works:

The raw material from the hopper or feeder free fall into the metal separator, if there is no metal impurities, the raw materials will be directly through the metal separator to the lower end of the outlet. If the detector detects the presence of metal in the feedstock, the controller immediately activates the separation plate to direct the metal and part of the feedstock to the side of the discharge port, and then the manifold quickly returns to its normal position, the manifold speed is adjustable, the metal separator Of the detection accuracy can also be adjusted according to production needs, the minimum detection and separation of diameter 0.2mm metal particles.

Metal separators

Metal separators


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