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Particle Size Reduction Techniques

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Several industries rely solely on particle size reduction to boost performance or to achieve specifications. Since many chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and mining industries all depend on size reduction.


Its application spans across polymers recycling through crushing. With this, it  enables the separation of particle components, improving mining of a valuable component from ores. Also, it improves the biological accessibility of capsule, and making grains of a suitable size for a certain use.


However, there are numerous types of size reduction techniques that usually advanced experiments. Also, it levers precise materials and they are used in other conditions.


Your choice of particle size reduction technique is a function of the characteristics of the materials, and it must be the type that best suit the properties of the material. Besides, you should consider your feedstock grain size, the characteristics of your end product.


However, when buying particle size reduction equipment, you must contact a trustworthy manufacturer to boost your performance and achieve specifications.


Below are few particle size reduction techniques, and some of the industries' uses.

Hardware Preferences

Here, particle reduction equipment depends on the impact or compression. Compression is used through moving jaws, a spinning cone, or rolls. The ultimate ejection size is fixed by the support, which is regulating. Impact based tool generally uses hammer or media.

 particle size reduction equipment

Rotary Cutter Mill

Rotary cutter mill involves shearing or uninterrupted cutting the feedstuff solid with aid of a sharp knife. Its parts include a hopper, screen, and discharge tube. Also, the milling chamber, which is a horizontally installed rotor disc comprising 2 to 12 spinning knives uniformly separated and the casing has fixed knives.


The particle size and shape are determined by rotor size, sieve, and the space between the 2 sets of knives. It is commonly used in tough size reduction like PVC pipes and sheets.


Roller Mill

Roller mill particle size reduction equipment reduces material by compressing through the application of grinding down and pressure. The pressure is exerted by spinning heavy wheels, roller or Muller.


The Roller mill consists of two cylinder-shaped rollers of metal that is horizontally installed with a diameter varying from a small number of millimeters to a meter. The two cylinder-shaped roller spin in the longitudinal axis that is one roller is ride by a motor and the second one is a free run.


The particle size and shape is determined by the spacing between rollers adjusted to acquire the anticipated particle size. A Roller mill is used in the grinding of polymerized materials.


Hammer Mill

A Hammer mill is a piece of impacted-based equipment that works on the mechanism of impact amid rapidly rotating hammer installed on the rotor and the fixed powder material.


Hammer mill contains a stout metal covering, surrounding a principal shaft, to which four or more rocking hammers are attached. Whereas the lower part of the covering comprising of a screen by which feedstock can pass, and is collected in an appropriate channel.

 particle size reduction equipment

However, the determination of particle size and shape involves feed rate, rotor speed, size of discharging opening, and clearance amid hammers and crushing plates. It widely applies in brittle feedstock that is best cracked by impact from dull hammers.



Disintegrator particle size reduction equipment is based on the principle of impact-based technique. This size redactor involves of steel drum surrounding a central shaft that has a disc to which four hammers are mounted.


The flank and upper interior surface of the barrel are rough while the lower part of the covering contains a detachable screen. Disintegrator is used to powder all kinds of feedstock.


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