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Vacuum Auto Loader Vacuum Auto Loader

Vacuum particle feeder is a closed pipeline conveying device that transfers particles by means of vacuum suction. This conveying method can ensure that raw materials are not contaminated. At the same time, vacuum feeding can reduce manual labor intensity and improve work efficiency. It’s the ideal equipment for the transportation of some granular materials.

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The vacuum hopper loaders are suitable for conveying material over long distance. All models adopt stainless steel hopper to ensure no contamination to raw material. High efficiency high pressure blower features light weighted, durable, great suction power, easy installation and operation.

  • Full automatic programmed operation.

  • Automaticalarm for overload or short of material.

  • Stainless steel hopper construction.

  • Main controller and hopper designed separated,  to ensure safety and convenient.

  • Separatedfilter installation, easy to remove pooling of powder.

  • Automation pump reverse system.

Vacuum Auto Loader

Vacuum Auto Loader

Vacuum Auto Loader


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